Friday, December 19, 2008

i fucked my maid servant..

hello everybody i m rocky 6 feet athelitic body.. handsome guy i m a professional guy..i stay alone in i love bangalore place alot basically i m from..a small village near delhi .. i shifted to bangalore since 3 yrs back..and setteld here.. let me start now.its a true story and this is my first time im giving my sex xperience to u... all my friends
Well i stay alone in a flat which is in bangalore i a high society apartments.. i had made many friends in this apartment every body loves me becoz of my attitude and caring.. i had many sex with every women in my life but this women i m narrating yu is different from others..her name is shalini..she is a typical kind of telugu women she is 32yrs and married she has 2 daughters... i asked my neighbour is there any lady servant available only for saturday and she gave me a lady servant.. there she comes to my home around 6 am i wont get in the morning on saturday around 6 am...but i dont know who is disturbing me i came faster and openend the door..she was standing i asked her who ru she told me that madam told u need a lady servant.. i told ya come in..i spoke with her while speaking with her i saw her body which was 34-28-36 i asked her name she told i m shalini i m a telugu women...and all that stuff.. well let me start now. on sunday when she came i saw her that she worn a saree but without panty and lahunga..i was shcoked on seeing her ass crack when she got up after cleaning the floor...i told her to make a tea she smiled at me and told ok...i was in short and u guys know when we get up in the morning our tool erects it..i was thinking y she smiled at me..then i realize it that she saw my tool erecting..i came to know that she is interested in me...i did not waste my time..i went to the kitchen and chat with her...and told her is she happy with her hubby in sex..she told yes but not much i ...told her u want to try from my side..she saw me angryly and i told that i can pay u..500rs she smiled and told me ok... i went back of her i touched her ass first..which was round in shape and nice curves i love those curves ass much black and shiny..and i then i lifted her saree and kept my finger in her ass hole and started licking it.. she was shocked she told me y ur doin like that...i told i start from herre.. she told me ok do it slowly.. and then one of my hand is touching her small tits ...which is in a apple shape..round and soft... i took her in bathroom and told her to suck my cock which is long and thick.. she was stun on seeing my cock she told its very big and thick ...but she took in her mouth and sucked like an icecream..i told her to wait i brought a rod which is soft and thicki told her to sleep ... without clothes removed but i removed her blouse and no bra inside.. she did what i said..later i took that rod and kept between her legs so that her legs spreads so that i can have a nice fuck..i tied her hands in the pot.. i brought a ice cream and ..some butter .. and put all over her body... her pussy was clean and shaved.. its brown in colour.. later after that ...i started doin my game..i licked from toe.. her toe fingers.. then her knee then came to her thighs.. i bit her thighs .. hardly then her pussy licked until her orgams has come out.. i licked it upto that il b got wet in her pussy i can directly keep my hot cock in her pussy and ggive a stroke... i started pumping her . she was crying in pain ... as it was very good to fuck her..wet pussy as it was nearly 6months for me havnt fucked any women... i made her to stand up..lifted her up..and put my cock in her pussy and started giving stroke ... i fucked her upto half an hour.. then i bent her in a doggy style.. and have fuck with her...and my cum sucked and swallonby her....